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 Hossam Habib 's Forums rules .... Please read

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PostSubject: Hossam Habib 's Forums rules .... Please read   Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:53 pm

Hossam Habib Forums rules ..
Last review & edit : 23th Novmber 2006

================[ Disclaimer ]================
All the posts are express its authers ideas, Hossam Habib

and the site admins team are not responsible of the containt of any post

For a begining, these posts are NOT allowed by anyway:
Multiple Postings, don't post more than one post about the same topic.
The news containt, if you don't have your news source.
Spaming & advertising (admins & mods are the final judge to decide)
bad codes & hacking stuff
Hateful or Sexual adult contained or links
Posts contains admins or mods jop (warning users, excepecting a moderator action... etc) .. you are a member as you as the others
Hossam Habib (Hossam Habib Fans Club) is a place for all Hossam Habib's fans all over the world . . please keep in mind that your speach must be for the 1st in a polite way when you talk about Hossam Habib Himself or about / with any other members !

please use English language as your main language or you can use the Arabic tones in english edges like this (saba7 el 5er) .. coz there's many members here not arabians or can't speak and read arabic.
also it's ok if you like to use Arabic, it's yor dessision.
And remmember, your speach is your inside mirror!

advertising topics without a permition from Hossam Habib Fans Club admins are totally forbidden ... you can add a like lead to yor personal page in your signature no more ... and all right is back to the admins and moderators to edit any topic or signature have any stuff of Advertising ... and the advertiser member maybe will be warned just one time or maybe two .. after this will be banned forever or for some time of the forum..
Extra the Referral links (eg. Affilliations, paied-per-click, points-by-inviting, .. etc) are not allowed even in your signture !

* You can post your Amar's fan club site but firist you have to ask admins stuff to review the site and make sure that's ok to be posted here.

Your signture is your free area to idntifay your self.. but admins team have the right to edit/delete any signture without backing to the member, if it was effecting of the forum speed (eg. over sized pics) or any spaming or advertising stuff.

regulations desscusions is not recomended by any way ... please dont open such as topics it's just a fan site..
for islamic regulation we recommend:

Topic, posts, and polls ..
you can open all the topics you like in any time .. but it must be in the right place in its sub forum in the forums ...
before asking or requesting anything please use the search tool before posting ... maybe some one did it before you ...

Membership ..
You can just register 1 (one) user name in Hossam Habib forums .. for each IP ..
and the if there's an addetion username for the same IP will be removed or suspended !
If someone else had used your password and you can't re-get it, immediately contact the adminstration to reserve your password to you.

Admins and moderators
admins and moderators can close , edit , delete or move any post without back to the poster member in case if it wasn't according to this rules..

Thanks for keeping it a reposible useful place.

Hossam Habib Team Work

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Hossam Habib 's Forums rules .... Please read
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